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Working with many of the biggest names in the creative arts, I pay close attention to the needs of every artist, record label and production company I deal with.  Forecasting budgets, coordinating pre-production, booking studio time and supervising post-production, (i.e.-mastering, authoring, and sweetening for video…) are all part of a day's work for me.  I can be booked for any project, (Yes, even remotes or sessions that need to occur outside of the New York area), and by all record labels and production companies, large or small.

In addition to my audio production work, I am available to help labels to find, manage and archive their valuable assets. At a time when revenue streams are hard to come by, I'm able to assist labels in making the most out of the new oppourtunities that present themselves.

I maintain a personal mixing room in scenic Katonah, New York, about 40 miles north of Midtown Manhattan. So finding a great mix room to work in is never a problem.